Civil Engineering

  • Site Design. Mapping. Grading. and Paving Plans

  • Stormwater Management Facilities, Pollution Prevention Plans

  • Construction Staking and Layout

  • Construction Materials Testing and Evaluation

  • Building Distress Studies and Evaluations

Geotechnical Engineering

  • Subsurface Exploratory Test Borings

  • Soil Laboratory Testing. Foundation Bearing Capacity Analysis

  • Observation and Evaluation of Foundation Soils during Construction

Agricultural Facility Engineering

  • Site Characterization including Surface Water. Ground Water, and Geology Studies

  • Animal Waste Management Systems – Beef Cattle. Dairy, Swine. Poultry – open-lot or housed

  • Nutrient Management Plans, Reports and Certification for State or Local Government Regulatory Compliance

Environmental Engineering

  • Facility Planning Evaluation

  • Wastewater Collection and Treatment including Septic Tank and Drainfield Systems

  • Solid Waste Facilities – Development, Monitoring. Closure

  • Water Supply and Treatment

  • Groundwater Monitoring Well Installation, Sampling and Laboratory Analysis

  • Industrial Waste Management – Air Quality, Stormwater. Spill, Contingency & Response Plans