Tank Cleaning

Dakota Environmental uses state of the art high flow equipment to clean both underground storage tanks and most above ground storage tanks. In most cases the client does not experience any down time for their facility while the cleaning process is being performed.

Our tank cleaning equipment is able to remove debris, sludge, and contaminants using as fine as 1 micron filters during our cleaning process. During the cleaning process, any water encountered in the tank is also removed.

Cast iron vent parts and a plastic bottle cap retrieved from a clear diesel tank

Rust from one filter from an ethanol tank

Before the cleaning process begins, samples are retrieved from the bottom of the tank in order to determine what may be encountered while the tank is being cleaned. When the cleaning process is completed, a sample is taken from the same location ion the tank to ensure the tank has been adequately cleaned.

Water and debris in a steel dyed diesel tank

Water and debris in a fiberglass clear diesel tank