Dakota Environmental is a Midwest-based environmental consulting and engineering corporation. Dakota Environmental's honest, ethical, and prompt professional practice has sustained its continuous growth with over eight hundred environmental consulting engineering projects successfully completed throughout the Midwestern United States since 1990. The staff at Dakota Environmental is a team of well-educated and experienced engineers and scientists, equipped to handle the most sophisticated complexities of our environment. State-of-the-art technologies are integrated to address the complexities of surface and subsurface contamination remediation projects and facilities design. The professional and support staff is comprised of technical individuals specializing in:

  • Civil, geotechnical, environmental, structural, and sanitary engineering

  • Hydrogeology and geology

  • Environmental chemistry

  • Environmental health & safety

  • Soil science

  • Soil and groundwater remediation

  • Risk assessment

  • Landscaping architecture, master planning, site development

  • Surveying

  • Construction quality assurance

Dakota Environmental's services cover a wide variety of environmental situations involving many clients. Our goal is to always provide friendly, personable, and quality services the most economical way possible.